Race Day Fashion

I’ve recently had a few of you asking about my tips for what to wear the races so I thought I would share some of my knowledge with you guys and shed some light on what works, what doesn’t, and how to last in heels the whole day.

Way back in 2013 I was lucky enough to be named the Ambassador for the Carlton Mid Darwin Cup Carnival which was such an incredible, fun, exhausting, amazing experience, during which I learnt a LOT about the do’s and definitely do not’s of race day fashion.

Back in my ambassador days, just hanging out with these guys

I was also recently asked to judge Fashions on the Field in the bay93.9 VIP Marquee at the Geelong Cup which gave me a bit of an insight of what some of the key trends are for the rest of the racing calendar.

Listen to my interview with the bay93.9 guys here


White on white has been a huge trend of late and is perfect for the warmer Spring Racing carnival days. For a classic look, go for white lace with a classic white fascinator, or edge it up a bit with a solid white dress in a mesh or scuba with a crown or geometric headpiece.



Racing season is not a time to play it safe. Go crazy with colour and colour-block your little heart out! For colour-blocking newbies, keep it to two key colours and either match your accessories or tone down the colour crazy with black or nude accessories.




By this I mean match the shoes with bag with the hat with the gloves with the belt with the brooch. Matchy-matchy dressing is generally a no go zone for everyday dressing but for race day dressing matching accessories is key to a winning outfit. Add interesting and eye catching accessories like half gloves or a killer shoes. And a headpiece is a must!


When dressing for the races you want to aim for classy and feminine, among other things, like sober, so floral is always a great choice for your race day outfit. Over the last few race meets of this year, and in to next year, we’ll be seeing a lot of gorgeous embroidered floral detail as well as some more modern digital printed pieces. If head to toe floral feels like a bit too much for you, opt for a printed midi skirt with a plain coloured top.


I’m usually not a pink girl but one of my favourite trends this year has been the blush pink that has been huge this racing season, and will definitely trickle through into next year. Choose a pink that works for your skin tone and add a gold crown and metallic accessories to really make the colour pop.




Now that we’ve established the key trends for the season, here is a few Do’s to keep in mind a few very important PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DO NOT’S for race day dressing:

  • Don’t take your bloody shoes off.
  • Don’t show cleavage
  • Do keep it classy
  • Do play with prints
  • Do avoid cut-outs and midriffs where possible
  • Do not take your bloody shoes off.
  • Don’t go too short or too tight. Avoid sequins. This is not a nightclub.
  • Do have fun with your outfit and think outside the square
  • Do keep in mind that a headpiece is a must
  • Don’t be afraid to accessories with gloves, belts, brooches or corsages.
  • PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DO NOT TAKE YOUR BLOODY SHOES OFF! Seriously, if you can’t last all day in heels, don’t wear them. I’ll judge you far less for coming to the races in flats than I will if you come in heels and leave barefoot. Just sayin’..


Just casually bathing a horse… June 2013 cover of Darwin Life Magazine



xx. TLRB

Images courtesy of fabulous-femme.com, heruldsun.com,
pinterest, thetrendspotter.net, Darwin Life Magazine, NT News



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