FiveForTheWeekend – get ready for summer!

Ok, so I’m not going to lie to you guys. I forgot about this weeks FiveForTheWeekend. And this is only my second week of it. Consistency is apparently not one of my strong points.. BUT I’ve managed to get my hustle on and come up with this weeks five, which is five not-very-appropriately-timed things you can do this weekend to get you in the mood for summer. Because I’m bloody sick of the rain and the grey skies and I need to be reminded that summer is just around the corner, and I’m sure I’m not the only one! 
Enjoy lovers xx.

1. Download and listen to Young Blood- The Naked And Famous. 

And listen to it loud. And imagine yourself laying on a warm beach sipping a cold cider while you do it. In fact, just throw a towel in front of your heater and sit there sipping a cold cider. It’s almost as good as the real thing, trust me. 

2. Fake a tan.
Nothing makes it feel more like summer than when your skin is a glowing golden brown. Plus sitting on a towel in front of your heater, sipping a cold cider, loudly listening to The Naked and Famous will just make more sense if you have a tan. Obviously. 

3. Spring clean your wardrobe.
Dig out all the dresses and bright colours that have been hiding in the back of your closet all winter, and get rid of all of the old winter woolies that have finally seen their last season. It’s always refreshing to declutter and will get you excited for all the summer parties and after-work cocktails that are surely just around the corner. 

4. Learn to make cocktails. 
Nothing says summer quite like tropical cocktails by the pool. Whilst it may not be ‘pool weather’ where you are just yet, there’s nothing to say you can’t get into the spirit early (see what I did there?) by mixing some spirits yourself. You might even end up learning one or two favorites that you can whip out at parties in the coming warmer months to impress your friends, family and colleagues.

5. Go shopping!
You’ve just emptied out your wardrobe and it’s time for an update and some solid retail therapy. 

Most stores have just gone in to Mid-Season sale so what better time to restock the wardrobe and get yourself ready for summer! Key items to keep an eye out for this summer will be floaty off the shoulder tops, light weight bomber jackets, and anything embroidery detail. Mark my words, you’ll be seeing embroidery everywhere very soon!



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