Five things you should never say to anyone studying fashion

The world of fashion seems so glamorous to the untrained eye. So flawless and chic and exciting!  But the reality is oh so very, very different. It’s grueling, fickle, unforgiving, fiercely competitive and sometimes downright bitchy. And studying the beast to try and get your foot in the door is ten times worse. Which makes all of us fashion students seem slightly crazy for so desperately wanting a piece of the fashion world pie but, alas, pain is addictive. So if you’re friends with one of these crazy fashion students, or with yours truly, here are five things you should never, EVER say to us, lest we scratch your god damn eyes out:

1. You study fashion? That must be SAH MUCH FUN!!.

No Stacey, its not ‘sah much fun’. Its harder than childbirth and more depressing the end of Marley & Me and I question my life choices on a daily basis. (Side note, I’ve never actually given birth and I’ve heard it can be a real bitch but I stand by my statement.)

2. Oh my god you must have the BEST wardrobe!

Obviously you haven’t met many students in your time because I, like every other student I know, am flat broke and therefore cannot afford the fabulous clothes I read about and study every day of my life. Hence it being more depressing than the end of Marley & Me. Please don’t rub salt into the wound.

3.Can you make me an outfit?

Sure can babes! I have all the time in word for that stuff! And all the money in the world to buy the fabric for your wonderful outfit! And since you’re studying to be a professional accountant that deserves to be paid for your time after years of painful study, can you totally do my taxes for me for free while we’re at it?

4. Aren’t you a bit overdressed?

Don’t you worry about what I’m wearing darling, worry about what you’re wearing. I know what I’m doing

5. Why are you so stressed? It’s just fashion.

You clearly don’t know me at all. Now come here so I can scratch your eyes out.




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