Almost Famous..

Double denim, flared jeans, denim skirts, suede everything; yep, the 70’s are back! If you’ve hit the stores recently you’ll realise there is really no escaping it so we may as well embrace the trend. Here are my tips on how to rock the key trend pieces of the 70’s comeback without looking like an extra from Almost Famous. Or like you spent a little too long at Coachella and haven’t quite found your way home yet..

The Denim Flares:

These bad boys are literally everywhere right now so it’s not going to be hard to get your hands on a pair and, if you ask Rachel Zoe, they are probably one of the key pieces of this trend that are going to have some longevity in your wardrobe rotation. Plus the right pair can be super flattering as the flare balance out the hips and adds length to your pins. Shut up and take my money! A heel is almost a necessity with flares. Having your flare drag along on the floor behind you is not cute. An open toe bootie, wedges or a chunky wooden heel are ideal. (Poet. Know it.)
Paisley Print:

Ok I’m just going to say it; Please go back to the 70’s paisley! I’m not really a fan of this ‘trend’ but, alas, the fashion world doesn’t seem to care about my humble opinion so, paisley for everybody! Whilst the paisley print isn’t for me I have seen it rocked by some super trendy #fashiongirls and it almost, almost, changed the way I feel about it. Denim is the clear choice to work back with this print, especially in a deep indigo to make the colours in the print really pop. For accessories a cross body bag in a rich tan is classic, but also gives a further nod to the trend. Just go easy on the jewellery to avoid the aforementioned Almost-Famous-Extra look..
The Suede Skirt:

I love the look of a suede skirt and although it’s quite a ‘trendy’ piece, when worn right, the suede skirt can also have a longer life span in your wardrobe. I love a tan suede mini worked back with black, which might just be the Melbourne in me, but it makes even the faux-est suede skirt look expensive, and works well with black tights and boots for winter. For a lighter summer look opt for a white shirt, delicate gold jewellery and some tan sandals.

NB: If you go for real suede be sure to buy a protectant spray to treat it before wearing. Red wine stains do NOT come out of these babies. So I hear..
The Denim Skirt:

Oh Lordy. Primary school flash backs! Ten year old me.. Denim skirts.. Jelly sandals.. *shudder*

Thankfully the humble denim skirt has come a long way since my horrific jelly-sandal-wearing days and will be one of the key pieces for your summer wardrobe this year. Plenty of different cuts and styles are available but I find the a-line mini the most flattering as the a-line shape hides a multitude of sins while still showing off a bit of leg. The denim skirt can be worked back with pretty well anything depending on the look you’re going for. I love it with a crisp white tee and ankle boots for a casual-cool look. Try it as well with some tie up sandals and a blouse, or some cute converse sneakers and baggy knit. And if you’re feeling really brave why not rock the good old Canadian Tuxedo and whip out your denim shirt! Double denim is a huge trend for the summer and can look incredibly cool, just make sure the top is a different shade of denim to the bottom and throw on a rad belt for a bit of interest.
Need some more inspo? Scroll on lovers! Xx.


(Images via Pinterest, Sportsgirl, Asos, Linda And Winks, Me and you just two of us, Motel Rocks, World Fashion X, Lorna Luxe, and Fashion Zen Blog)


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