Daylesford – our mid-week getaway

I love a little vacay. Who doesn’t really? I love eating out every night at different restaurants, exploring, checking out the scenery, wearing my vacay outfits. 
Last week my partner and I had a sneaky little mid week getaway to beautiful Daylesford in regional Victoria.
The place, in a word, is stunning. Every where I turned there was something gorgeous to look at; the old heritage buildings, the view of the valley from the top of Main Street, that delicious home-made curry pie from Kings Bakery that I will stuff my face with.. Gorgeous.
Which brings me to my list of Things You Must Do if You Visit Daylesford:

1.Mineral springs.
The Daylesford region is famous for its natural mineral springs. They can be found all over the place, but to save you hunting around go down and see the lovely ladies at the information centre on Main St for a map of all of the locations. Most of the springs were discovered in the 1800’s and have since had pumps put in place so you can fill up as many water bottles as you like with delicious natural mineral spring water (Hot tip, squeeze a bit of lemon in there. Delish.)

2.Sailors Falls
We did a lot of walking on our little vacay to Daylesford and, trust me, we are not walkers. But this place does something to you and makes you want to keep on walking and discovery new and pretty things. Must be all the fresh air. Sailors Falls was one such place that tricked us into walking about half a kilometer without even noticing. It’s located just before you enter the town center and there’s an option of a three hour walk (um, no) or a one hour walk (slightly more acceptable) that takes you down to see the waterfall and follow paths through the bush to some more natural springs and creeks. The walk was surprisingly easy, even whilst wearing the most inappropriate footwea. And the scenery is so stunning you forget that your basically exercising.
3.Hepburn Springs Bath House
The bath house was conveniently right across the road from our hotel and for $67 for a two hour stay in the Sanctuary you can’t say no! The Sanctuary offers a mineral spa bath with spa lounge that gives you a water massage, a salt soak bath, monsoon shower room and steam room, all of which  you can use for two hours as well as the communal mineral pool. Easily the most relaxing two hours of my life. Tom and I basically crawled out of there because our muscles were too relaxed to hold ourselves upright. Money well spent. There are full day packages also available and a day spa for facials and massages as well.
4.Convent gallery
The Convent Gallery is another absolute must-do. The massive estate was once upon a time a convent (no surprises there) and has since been turned into a gorgeous gallery and museum featuring art from local and interstate artists, as well as maintaining original features such as the old chapel that was used daily by the nuns, along with the hall that was once the infirmary that has been kept in its original condition. The place gives you goosebumps. After checking out the inside we took a walk through the gardens and the view literally took my breath away.
There’s also a bar, gift shop and cafe. Apparently the food is amazing, so definitely worth checking out!
5.Eat yourself silly 
With all of the fresh produce readily available on their doorstep it’s no surprise that the food in Daylesford is amazing. Amazing! I won’t go on and on (even though I could) but a few places you need to check out if you go are:
Cosy Corner Cafe – quaint little restaurant that feels like your having dinner at your Nans, but with mouthwatering food (sorry Nan). If you’re there on a Tuesday its Curry and Hot Pot night. Best. Curry. Ever.
The Galley – awesome little American-style diner with the hottest burger you will ever eat.
Breakfast and Beer – they serve breakfast with beer. Need I say more?
Wine and the Country – An awesome little place with shelves and shelves of every wine you could ever possibly want, local and international, that you can buy by the glass or by the bottle. Apparently they serve delicious food here too, but I was clearly only there for the wine.
Kings Bakery – award winning bakery on Main St with mouthwatering homemade everything. I recommend the curry pie and a meringue for dessert. *drool*
6.Daylesford Lake
If you make it to Daylesford do not go home without seeing the lake. Grab your damn picnic basket and go down for some cheese and crackers (and wine) and find a spot to sit and take in the view. It’s amazing. Like, brings a tear to your eye it’s so pretty. You feel like you’re sitting smack bang in the middle of a Monet painting. There’s a walking track (yes, more walking) that takes less than half an hour to wander around and you get to admire the whole lake from different, and equally stunning, viewpoints. Be sure to take some bread down to feed the ducks and swans too. But beware of the giant geese. Those bastards are huge and will surely snap your fingers clean off. Ok, slightly dramatic but they are very large and honk aggressively so they scared me a bit..
If that hasn’t convinced you to head to Daylesford then here are some of our pics from the trip that will surely convince you to get your tooshy there asap!
Convent Gallery
Convent Gallery

Convent gallery
The view from the Convent Gallery gardens, and inside in the hall that was once the Convents infirmary

View from the top of Main Street

Just a bomby old buggy outside some beautiful old stables that was too pretty not to take a photo of

marble spa bath
The marble spa in our room at Hepburn at Hepburn. Highly recommend this place!

Daylesford lake
Daylesford Lake. Just a snap from a phone and no filter. So. Damn. Pretty.
Me, feeding the ducks πŸ™‚

Daylesford Lake

Picnic by the lake
When at the lake you MUST picnic. With wine, of course
Breakfast and Beer cafe
Breakfast and Beer. What could be better??
Biggest Burger
The hottest damn burger you will ever eat from The Galley

blogger melbourne

Some of the pretty surrounds from Sailors Falls
daylesford victoria
Just chillin’ on my rock couch.

fashion blogger melbourne

fashion blogger mlebourne blogger
Sailors Falls
giant geese
They may look cute but these bastards are as big as a small child and just as scary. Beware.
sailors falls
We found a tepee! From our walk at Sailors Falls
the little red blogger
The lover and I at the falls ❀
NB: Other must-do’s while you’re there are the Markets and the Lavender Farm. We missed out on both because they both only run on weekends but have heard great reviews for both. 
xx. TLRB

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