#internlyf Part 2 – Outfit Inspo

The thing I’ve noticed while interning in a fashion office is that the general ‘corporate world’ rules of dressing do not apply here, hallelujah! Whilst it is still very much a corporate environment with people in cubicles as far as the eye can see typing away all day long, it is first and foremost fashion driven. Yes, they are sitting in front of computers all day long but they are scouring blogs, websites and trend-forecasting sites for inspiration on cuts, colours, prints and styles and designing their little hearts out at least two seasons in advance. This means that they themselves need to have a love of fashion and it definitley shows. The office is a beautiful mish-mash of women in designer heels with shredded jeans on, the latest Nike Free Runners with a smock dress (don’t get me started on that ‘trend’) and statement jewellery for days. I’m actually in heaven.

Thus, here are some rules of dressing when you’re in a corporate environment that is driven by fashion:
1. Denim IS allowed! As long as it’s worked back with something more tailored to maintain a professional feel; think denim shirt with a blazer or ripped jeans with heels and blouse
2. Skirts and shorts are acceptable office attire: you can go mini but not TOO mini and, again, as long as it’s worked back with something to maintain the professional edge. I love the silhouette of a mini smock dress with and ankle boot and cropped blazer for example.
3. Statement jewellery is welcome: in most corporate environments a nice watch and fine necklace worn with delicate stud earrings is generally more than enough, but in the fashion world there are few rules when it comes to your bling. A big statement necklace can really lift the game of a chunky knit and pencil skirt combo, as can a large cuff and statement earrings with some wet-look tights and a blouse. And don’t forget your belts! So easy to overlook but they can really make your entire outfit.
4. It’s all about the shoe: This may not be a hard and fast rule for everyone but it is absolutely the first thing I notice about someone’s outfit. In a fashion office you can freely wear your favourite statement heel without judgement. In fact you’re more likely to get a high five for your tasseled or leopard print or knee high caged heels than anything else! I know, heaven, right?!

Here are some of my fave Fashion Office Outfit Inspo looks from around the web, enjoy lovers!

 limage image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image  image image image image image image image image image

(images from sortra.com via Pinterest, Something Navy, JessiieGirl, Aley Greenblo, Victoria Nergen and WhoWhatWear)

xx. TLRB

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