Honestly, I wish I had some amazing Devil-Wears-Prada-esque stories to share with you all where my boss stomps in in her 8 inch heels and throws her coat at me and demands a double shot soy latte to be on her desk five minutes ago but, alas, I have no such stories. She hardly ever wears heels. (It’s either Nike’s or Isabelt Marant flats, thank you very much.) 

My boss, who is head of Design and Fabric for Womenswear, is lovely. Distracted, always busy, and tired looking but lovely nonetheless. So lovely, in fact, that when one of the other interns were performing sub par instead of giving her the flick she simply moved her to another department. Kidswear to be exact. Hmm now that I write it out that seems less lovely and more passive-aggressive to fob her off to another department with explaining why.. Ok so maybe she’s just lovely to me.

No complaints here! 

The work they get me to do is awesome. I’m actually designing things that is being presented to buyers and, if picked up, could be in stores by February next year. Is this even real? I am yet to photocopy or file or get anyone coffee (except myself. Which I do at least three times a day). It’s quite beautiful. 

The building I work in is equally as beautiful. It’s huge and sprawling, and has to be since every department is working under the one roof. I was given a map on my first day. I’m not even kidding. There are coffee machines in every hallway, and our department has its own barista in the tea room. Amazing! The cafeteria is the best bit. I use the term cafeteria very loosely since it’s more like a restaurant. There is yet another barista patiently waiting to make your mochiato to go along with a sprawling salad and sandwich bar and if you want a hot meal there is Port Arlington mussels, eggplant mousakka, sundried tomato risotto, crispy skin salmon, all of the roasts, parmiganas, lasagne, all serves on white china. No plastic plates here thanks very much! The menu is never ending and is all fresh and cooked by in-house chefs. It’s basically heaven. And a little Devil-Wears-Prada actually. 

In womenswear the department is surrounded by glass meeting rooms, all with giant mood boards and samples hung wall to wall. In the middle of the ring of meeting rooms are our cubicles. Everyone has a 27″ Mac desktop and there are racks of samples everywhere. Walking in and seeing it all for the first time almost brought a happy tear to my eye.

The biggest challenge in facing now is that I don’t want to go to school! I want to stay in my #internlyf heaven all day everyday! Can one of you please remind me I said that in three months time when the honeymoon phase ends please..?

Hopefully will have something less swoon-y and more juicy for you next time lovers! 




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