Dion Lee X Target 


Dion Lee is coming to Target ladies (Or Tarjay if you’re very fancy. Like me) and oh my Lordy, excited is an understatement! Dion Lee is my most favourite Australian designer but, sadly, my wee little student budget means I can’t quite afford any of his gorgeous pieces. Target to the rescue! Target Australia has been steadily becoming more and more fashion forward as their designers look to higher end brands for their inspiration, and then tweak it to suit the Target customers lifestyle and budget. 

Check out this gorgeous cape for example. The first is a Country Road cape for $249.99. The one below that is Targets version, at a bargain price of $79. And it’s reversible. That’s basically two capes in one!

Their collab with Dion Lee is not their first and definitley won’t be their last but is probably one that the fashionistas of Australia are most excited about it. Myself included. With accessories starting at $49 and pieces available under $150 my #studentlyf budget is very happy. 
Here’s a little sneak peak of what you can expect from the collaboration, with the 36 piece strong collection hitting selected stores (and online, no lining up for this one!) on July 2nd.

If you’re looking for me on July 2nd I will be sitting in front of my computer hitting refresh from about midnight so I can get my hands on some of these must-haves. Hot tip: free delivery for orders over $75. I’m counting down the days.




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