The Little Red Who?

The Little Red Blogger

Oh. My. Lordy, it’s been a while! I won’t be offended if you’ve forgotten all about me *sob*. Really though, I’m sorry for the serious lack of love; I’ve been back to it at fashion school and life has been a bit crazy of late.. Grab a cuppa and take a seat, let me tell you all about it.

I started my second year of fashion school in Melbourne in March and it has just gotten crazier by the day, and I love it. Maybe because I’m a little crazy? Who knows.. First term was easily the craziest. I’ve never sewed so much calico in my life, and I am now officially a pro at photoshop and illustrator thanks to the insane amount of trade sketches we had to do.

Anyway we’ve also been having it drilled into us since the start of the year that we need to intern. Intern everywhere and often and as much as you can! Whilst still attending all classes, doing all homework and working your weekend job to pay the bills. Sure, piece of cake!

So like the good little student I am, I got myself an internship. *applause* Oh you guys, no need to applaud me! The company is a very well known brand in Australia and around the world for that matter, and is in the ASX Top 20 of companies in the country! To say I was excited is a bit of an understatement.

I started about a month ago interning two days a week in the womenswear design department, while still traveling and hour and half each way three days a week to school and then trying to squeeze in at least one shift a week in my glorious retail jay oh bee, and doing homework on the side. I’m a bit tired. So that is my excuse for the serious lack of love and posts but I, The Little Red Blogger, do solemnly swear to post more and write at least once a week. Amen.

Stay tuned lovers,
I have some very juicy #internlyf stories for you coming soon as well as outfit posts and recommendations on what to wear in the (kind-of) corporate world

Love love xx.


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