That time of the month!(I’m talking about my Bella Box delivery guys, don’t be gross.)

My favourite time of the month is here again, Bella Box time!

For my international readers, or those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, Bella Box is a rad little box of beauty samples delivered straight to your door every month for the student-budget-friendly price of $15 a month. Amazing! 
In this months glory box you will find some very awesome goodies (as usual) a couple of which I have taken the time to review for you. Ok, to be honest my reasons for trying them out were purely selfish but hey, I’m happy to impart my newfound wisdom to you. No need to thank me.
This morning I tried the SP Elixir Hair Oil. LOVED IT! Not only was the smell so delicious it took all my strength to not start licking my own hair, but the oil itself was not too heavy. My hair felt shiny and soft and not at all greasy like you may find with some other hair oils. Application was obviously easy; pop a bit in your hand and work gently through mid-lenghts and ends and vóila! Shiny, silky soft hair that smells like a sweet, juicy bowl of fruit and candy and rainbows. Five stars for you SP!
The next one I tried was the gorgeous Revlon Kohl Eyeliner pencil. The colour I received is called ‘Emerald’. I’m not usually one for coloured eyeliner but this is such a beautiful deep green that I was happy to cast aside my trusty black kohl and give it a crack. Yup, turns out Emerald is my new favourite colour. The kohl is soft and glides on like a dream and the colour is so bloody pretty! It definitley made my blue eyes pop more than a black eyeliner does but I would love to see this colour used on a brown-eyed babe. I will definitley be using this product again and again! Five starts for you too Revlon. Well done.
The third sample I tried this morning was the Ageless Beauty Lip Volume serum. This wonder product claims to increase lip volume by a whopping 40%, I had to give this baby a go.  Move over Kylie Jenner, my lips are coming through! Alas, my lips did not have their Kylie Jenner moment.. Like most lip-plumping products it felt cool and tingly on my lips but after waiting five or so minutes I noticed very little (if any) change in the size of my smoochers. 
I took a photo so you guys can judge for yourself. Can you see a change? 



I did, however, note that they felt very soft and hydrated which is another thing it claimed to achieve. Two and half stars for getting half way there. 
That’s all I had time to test this morning but I’m excited to get home and try out the Palmers Cleanser/ Makeup Remover and Moisturiser. I’ve never used it but have heard great things about Palmers and their coco butter range. And I definitley want to try the Kerastase Shampoo the next time I wash my hair, but I did only just washed it last night so I won’t be trying that one for a couple of days. Ok, let’s be honest, like a week. So stay tuned for that!
Enjoy lovers


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