Totally belated Melbourne Fashion Week post

In true Little Red Blogger style I should’ve posted this slightly over a fortnight ago, but guys, I’m at fashion school.. Free time is a thing of the past! Nonetheless here it is; my wrap up of Runway 5 hosted by Harpers Bazaar at Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival! (Try saying that five times fast..)

My gorgeous friend Renee and I went to Runway 5, courtesy of tickets from Chanel where she works as a makeup artist, which was a collaborative runway of designers Martin Grant, Christopher Esber, Yeojin Bae, Carla Zampatti and Alex Perry. The venue was a shed down at Melbournes Docklands. I use the term ‘shed’ very loosely because it was, of course, decked out to look like something out of New York Fashion Week. Stunning chandeliers, black velvet draped every where, an illuminated runway, and a very well stocked bar (which I dutifully frequented in the name of ‘blog research’ – all reviews were positive. And slightly hazy) created the ambience of glamour and excitement. 

Renee and I took our seats (four rows back, right down the end of the runway so we could see the models stopped and turned) about twenty minutes before the show started and sat there with our wines in complete silence while we people watched. The was almost, almost, my favourite part of the night!

 As some of you might know if you read my answers in my previous post Liebster Award I get most of my fashion inspiration from the streets and people watching is one of my most fave pastimes. We LOVED watching the people roll in and take their seats, spotting some of our favorite bloggers like Nadia Bartel in the front row looking stunning in a By Johnny dress, and taking notes on some of our favourite (and not so favourite) looks that people have put together. Including the lady wearing the little red Alladdin hat. Each to their own.. 

Then the show started.

My less-than-professional iPhone snaps were below average so I’ve stolen *ahem* borrowed some runway snaps from the VAMFF instagram for your viewing pleasure. 

The stage set up. Dramatic and stunning

Blogger Nadia Bartel in a stunning By Johnny creation

Followed by my scummy iPhone snaps for you viewing dismay-but-you’ll-get-the-idea:

The main ‘trends’ (ugh, I hate that word) for A/W that I can pull from each of these very different designers is black black black! This may have something to do with the fact that they were showing in Melbourne and all Melbournians care about is how black their outfit is. Regardless, black will always be timeless, especially for winter! Also lots of warm maroons and navy’s worked back with black, very french girl chic. I noticed a lot of cut out details especially in Yeojin Bae as well as a definite 70’s vibe in Carla Zampatti; mark my words ladies, love ’em or hate ’em, flares are back with avengance. 

Very Important TLRB Note: If there are any die hard Alex Perry fans out there please stop reading now!

I was so very underwhelmed by Mr. Perry’s collection. To be fair it was only a capsule of his entire collection that was shown on this occasion but I was honestly more excited by the lady in the audience wearing the Alladdin hat than I was by Alex Perry’s runway. His silhouette was nothing new, in fact very reminiscent of his previous Varsity collection, and there wasn’t one single piece that really made me sit up and pay attention and stop looking at my phone. Even the colour palette of silver, pink and yellow felt dated. Don’t get me wrong, I love an Alex Perry dress. Let’s face it, the man knows how to dress a woman better than most women! This collection however, in my humble opinion, definitely missed the mark.  

What do you guys think? 

All in all it was an amazing show, and I feel so blessed to have seen a Carla Zampatti runway on the year of her brands 50th anniversary! Kind of makes me want to shed a little tear. And buy some CZ flares and furs and floppy hats. One day.. 

And to finish, a dodgy iPhone snap of Renee and I looking totally fly:

My ‘fashun’ face and Renee informing me she would like her earrings featured in the photo thanks very much.

So we featured her earrings. Please comment below on how great they are. For her sake..

And finally us doing our impersonation of Normal Person Selfie.

Enjoy lovers!




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