Outfit dilemma!

Ok, so my dear friend that works for Chanel has scored a couple of VIP tickets to the opening night of Fashion Week in Melbourne next Saturday and I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!! 

No matter what the event is I know I am not alone in experiencing this tragic dilemma: a wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear. After trawling Pinterest for inspiration and several hours spent creating sets in Polyvore (if only I could afford it all) I have come up with three potential outfit options. 

What I love about using Polyvore to create your dream outfits is that even if you done have the exact item in your wardrobe or can’t afford the Sophia Webster version of that heel (hello student budget) there will always be something in your wardrobe you can substitute it or a similar and generally more economical option available in stores to recreate it. And you can see what it will all look like put together before you start tearing your wardrobe apart. Brilliant!

Here are my three favourite Polyvore outfit inspo boards I created. Tell me which one is your fave and which one I should recreate for fashion week!

Outfit #1

Shop set here 

Outfit #2

Shop it here 

Outfit #3

Shop it here 

I want to hear what you guys think!




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