Glorious Coconut Oil

I recently completed Emily Skye’s 30 Day Shred (totally awesome, holla if you want a review) and the menu introduced me to cooking with coconut oil. I am really not a huge fan of the old coconut so was quite hesitant to try it but the flavor is so subtle that you can barely even notice that it is coconut and, quite frankly, the health benefits of this liquid gold are too damn good to ignore and now I refuse to use anything else in my cooking.

Here’s why: while excess consumption of anything is bad for you, consumption even in moderation of other cooking oils is awful! Vegetable oils, while they may sound healthy, are up there with the worst of them. There are lots of great articles out there that will break it down for you (read here, here or here for more info) but in a nutshell it’s loaded with trans fats, has been linked to inflammation and various diseases, and is highly processed and unnatural. Just check out this video of how canola oil is made. It’s enough to turn you off for good!

Now onto why coconut oil is so amazing. Regular consumption of coconut oil has been shown to support a healthy thyroid function, which we all know is imperative for regulating your metabolism and controlling the fat burning process, it supports your immune system, aids digestion and curbs sugar cravings. Amazing, right? As if those benefits are not enough, it can be used for about a million different things outside of the kitchen, such as:

  • Make-up remover – it’s much more gentle on your skin, especially the delicate eye area, than other chemical removers
  • Moisturizer – since it is an oil it’s highly nourishing and has been shown to improve skin conditions like eczema
  • Hair Mask – work through the ends of your hair before washing. This not only provides load of moisture to your damaged ends but will protect them from being stripped by your shampoo
  • Wound Care – Coconut oil has healing properties that can help with minor wounds like sores, cuts, nappy rash and mosquito bites.
  • Toothpaste – I’m personally not brave enough to try this one but if anyone had, let me know!

Other than cooking oil it can also be used in the kitchen on toast instead of butter, in smoothies and in salad dressings. Go for an organic, extra virgin, cold-pressed or non-hydrogenated (or all if you can!)




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