The Royal Croquet Club

thelittleredbloggerJust casually supervising a game of croquet. Can you tell I have no idea what’s going on?

Yesterday was officially my one year anniversary of living in Melbourne! I really can’t believe it’s already been a year, and I find myself falling more in love with this incredible city every single day. And how else does one celebrate such a milestone in the most Melbourne way possible but to head to beautiful Federation Square to check out the coolest pop-up event to sweep the country, The Royal Croquet Club. I am sooo Melbourne right now!

RCC was amazing, of course. The food was fabulous, the wine and Pimms were fabulous and you could actually play croquet with the assistance of appropriately 1920’s dressed game assurance. So god dam cool! In true Melbourne style the weather was shite. It’s supposed to be mid-summer but the skies were grey and it was sub 17 degrees (hence my winter outfit) but we had an awesome time nonetheless!

Jacket: made by me, similar hereย and here

Jeans: Forever New available here

Boots: Zara, similar here

Bag: Forever New, similar here

Jumper: vintage wool, similar here

Shirt worn under: H&M available here

I just had to share this quick phone snap I took on the run of my gorgeous city. Still beautiful even with dreary weather.ย 


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