Clash It Like You Mean It – How to clash prints like a pro:

the little red blogger 1

As I mentioned in my last post it’s finally summer here in Melbourne! Well, Melbournes version of summer. Which means every fourth or fifth day we’ll get a sunny 28 degree day in which all of us ladies will shove our winter blacks to the back of the wardrobe, shave our legs, throw on some fake tan (only on the parts that will be showing. Can I get an amen?), and pull out our favourite summer outfits. One of my favourite things about summer dressing is the prints, and I LOVE clashing prints! To me it screams confidence and is a fresh and exciting way to do summer.

Now my wardrobe, like most Melbournians, is primarily black and white but I have been known to go weak at the knees for a cute floral printed summer dress or striking printed blazer. So here are my top tips for dressing in prints for summer and clashing like a pro!

  • First and probably most importantly is colour. Keeping prints in the same colour family or tone will make your look more put together. See Carrie Bradshaw in her stunning green floral clash below (well done Patricia Field, well done.) If a complete outfit of prints is daunting enough let alone introducing *gasp* colour into your look, black and white is a great way to start. It’s striking and flattering and most of you probably already have the pieces in your wardrobe.
  •  sex and the city
  • Next is size. As a general rule print clashing works best when the prints are similar size. I.e: both large or both small prints. And exception to this rule is stripes and floral. Pretty much any size stripe in black and white or navy and white looks amazing when worked back with any floral print.

  • Don’t forget your silhouette. When wearing head to toe prints it is very easy to get swamped by your outfit so make sure we can still see that gorgeous girl underneath. If your wearing slouchy pants or a full skirt wear it with a fitted top, or if you’re doing a dress and coat throw a belt over the coat to cinch it in at the waist. Make it look purposeful!
  • On that note: accessorize with purpose! A belt is generally the easiest way to break up the prints and tie the whole look together, or if the prints are close to your face, like my outfit below, break it up with a statement metallic necklace.

ootd selfie

  • Last but not least, have fun with it! To contradict this post completely, there are really no rules when it comes to fashion. As long as you wear it with confidence and have fun with your outfit you’re going to look incredible.

Here’s some more Carrie Bradshaw (plus one mini Bradshaw) for inspiration. And because I love her.

carrie bradshaw 2 carrie bradshaw 3 carrie bradshaw 4 carrie bradshaw 5 carrie bradshaw

Do you have any tips for print clashing or outfits you’ve clashed like a pro to share? I wanna see them!

Happy clashing lovers




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