For the Love of Shoes


The other day, after an hour or so of me complaining about my sore feet (after being in heels for only an hour and a half), my dear boyfriend asked me “Why do girls love high heels so much?”. My initial reaction was to lovingly roll my eyes and shake my head at this typical boy naivety. But it got me thinking; what is it about shoes that has such a hypnotizing and addictive hold on us? Even the most refined women will squeal like a five year old on Christmas morning when she finds a pair of heels that fit her perfectly, are (sort of) comfortable, make her legs longer than a giraffes and will definitely go with EVERYTHING in her wardrobe. Or so she tells herself.

Marilyn Munroe once said “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.” This holds a lot of truth for me and I’m sure so many of you! The right pair of heels can make you feel super sexy, incredibly irresistible and powerful all at the same time. To me style is all about confidence and how a woman holds herself. And if a hotter than hell pair of 6 inch-ers makes you stand a bit prouder and walk a bit taller, metaphorically and literally, then obviously we want as many pairs as we can get our hands on! Even if we’ll be limping for a week after an hour of wear..

christian louboutin




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