Festival Fashion

Ah music festival season. Summer time here in Oz means music festivals galore! And that means outift planning galore! Now, since I am a broke little fashion student I sadly have no plans to attend any music festivals this season so I’m just going to give all you lucky festival lovers and goers my top tips to make your day fabulous and fashionable. Then I am going to go and cry into my pillow. Enjoy!

There has always been something about fashion and music that go hand in hand. Think back to all the iconic bands of the 70’s and 80’s that literally started trends, in music and fashion. Beatles and bell bottoms, Joan Jett and biker jackets, and Jimmy Hendrix and all things hippy. Music festivals are not a time to play it safe in your outfit choices so throw some feathers in your hair, go crazy with scarves and headbands, denim vests, studded shorts, gladiator flats or knee high fringed boots. Anything goes! And when it comes to accessories, I say the more the merrier! Layer delicate and chunky chains around your neck, stacked rings on every finger and get some mean arm candy going on.

I love to look to celebs for festival fashion inspiration. These guys know how to rock out, and since they have the luxury of heading to amazing festivals of Coachella standards year in year out, they do it very well! One of my all-time favourites is Nicole Richie. Let’s face it, as a daughter AND a wife of a rock star the girls got it in her blood. Check out Alexa Chung, Kate Bosworth and Kate Moss’ previous Coachella outfits for some more inspo:

festivalfashion5festival fashionKate bosworth coachella

My festival look from Big Day Out 2013

IMG_7185 (2)

Now for the serious stuff.

Here are my top tips to survive a music festival and come out (mostly) alive!:

Festival Survival Tip #1: Slip, Slop, Slap! A faux tan is a festival necessity but all modern day girls need to start taking the high risk of sun damage seriously. Sun burn = wrinkles, and at its worst, cancer. Be smart ladies and make sure you have the spf30+ on hand!

Festival Survival Tip #2: I highly recommend closed in footwear! Even if you’re not one to frequent the mosh pit we can guarantee that with hundreds of rowdy people running around your feet are definitely going to get stepped/jumped/danced on. Some flat booties, Doc Martens, or even a cute pair of Dunlop Volleys will do the trick and complete your outfit while keeping your tootsies safe as buttons.

Festival Survival Tip #3: When choosing a bag to complete your Nicole Richie inspired festival get up make sure it’s something you can keep close to your body and that zips up. Nothing will ruin your day faster than losing your phone and mullah because your bag flew open mid dance battle with some fellow festival goer.

Festival Survival Tip #4: Drink Water! Re-hydrate as often as you can. Most festivals happen during the scorching Aussie summer so it pretty much guaranteed that the mercury is going to creep up throughout the day. Yes, we’re all there to party and this generally (ok, ALWAYS) involves downing a beverage or twelve but remember ladies, you will not be looking good in your denim cut offs and midriff scraping tee if you’re throwing up in a bush or passed out in gutter from “sun-stroke”. Trust me, it’s not cute. Not speaking from experience or anything…

Festival Survival Tip #5: Have fun! Dance all day long, take a million photos and make as many new friends as you can, all while looking fierce as hell with your faux tan and fab festival outfit. What else are music festivals for?

Rock on lovers.

xx. TLRB

festival fashion 2  festival fashion4  free-people-festival-fashion-250x250  medium_1_05db6b6c-a52e-496b-becb-32557d8038f6 medium_1_cc90e1b6-7ec4-4e5a-8057-45240191a209


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